About Ofer Levin

Ofer Levin, investments strategist and art collector, was born in 1973 in Kibbutz ‘Beit Hashita’, Israel. He received his high school education at the ‘Gymnasia Rehavia’ in Jerusalem. After graduating, Levin enlisted in the IDF Airforce and served for 3 years. Ofer Levin was always interested in investments and finance, so upon his release from the military, he began studying towards a BSc degree in economics and mathematics, at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Today Levin has a successful career as a leading investments strategist, alongside his extensive activity in the art and book publishing industry. Levin spends most of his time abroad, mainly in Vienna, Austria. He wanted to stay connected with Israeli culture and society and decided to do so through the art world, and in 2010 he purchased the art collection of Gideon Ofrat, a famous Israeli art critic. The collection, which is run by ‘Levin Art Community & Culture’, is being expanded and cultivated to this day. Levin’s activities include the promotion of Israeli artists as well as contributions to the culture and social advancement in Israel.

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