Ofer Levin Austria: “Diversification and patience – essential key elements for understanding art investments”

Renowned art collector and financial strategist, Ofer Levin GTI, was interviewed on Globes about the world of art investments and asset allocations. During the interview, Levin explained the key elements of art investments.

“The first is diversification. Historically speaking, the art market has maintained an upwards momentum, especially when comparing it to well-known financial instruments. Art might serve well as a means to reduce risk in times of temporary weakness in equities, bonds, or any other financial instrument,” said Levin.

He added: “The second element is patience, in other words, holding on to art investments for the long-term. In the 1991 crisis, for example, the auction market plummeted more than 60% and, as a result, prices were impacted for a long time. In fact, it took more than a decade for sales to recover to their 1990 level. So, if you are considering investing in art always think long-term”.

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