Ofer Levin Austria: “Diversification and patience – essential key elements for understanding art investments”

Ofer Levin Austria - Website

Renowned art collector and financial strategist, Ofer Levin GTI, was interviewed on Globes about the world of art investments and asset allocations. During the interview, Levin explained the key elements of art investments. “The first is diversification. Historically speaking, the art market has maintained an upwards momentum, especially when comparing it to well-known financial instruments. … Read more

Ofer Levin GTI Investments On I24news: The Connection Between War and Art

Ofer Levin

The financial strategist of GTI Investments and the owner of the Levin Collection, Ofer Levin, shared his views in an interview for I24news: “The Levin Collection, is in fact a rich, colorful and magnificent mosaic of the State of Israel and the Israeli society from the beginning of Zionism through the immigration waves, the settlement, … Read more

Ofer Levin Investments: “Austria is becoming the prominent leader of hydropower manufacturing”

Ofer Levin Investments

Investments pundit and art collector, Ofer Levin, was interviewed on IssueWire about hydropower manufacturing in Austria. “Building two major hydropower plants in Salzburg and Carinthia will bring about more sustainable energy efficiency for the regions, enabling businesses to become more productive”, Levin said. “The proposed power plants will help shape the future of energy and … Read more

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